A new inpatient medical facility will offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services for residents in the many communities we serve. The building is designed to move the patient through the journey to wellness. It uses “best practices” to enhance patient care. Of course, this doesn’t account for the cost and components of actually running the hospital after it’s built, but the following highlights provide context for all that goes into constructing a medical center:

Main Entrance and Lobby

Single entrance to simplify way-finding

Comprehensive medical library and resource center that is open to the public

Education center with meeting spaces for up to 300 people

Spiritual center with space for meditation and prayer

Front of House/Back of House Design

Separate corridors for the public and for patient transport

Streamlined Emergency Department (ED)

Comprehensive diagnostic services next to the ED

Helipad near the ED to ease emergency transit

Operating/Procedure Rooms

Three oversized operating rooms

One Cardiac Cath Lab

Seven specialty-sized or general operating rooms

Six procedure rooms for endoscopy and cystoscopy

Private patient rooms for pre-operative preparation and post-operative recovery so families can stay with patients

Inpatient Wings

Located away from the main entrance to reduce noise and disruption

Separate wings devoted to specific types of inpatient care

192 private patient rooms which:

Enhance patient safety and healing by reducing infection risk

Allow confidential communications with doctors and nurses

Feature family visiting/sleeping capacity

Have large windows to maximize light and views of nature

Outpatient Facilities

Extensive diagnostic facilities and doctor’s offices

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