Creating a plan of action is the best defense against the latest epidemic that the World Health Organization has claimed as a pandemic. People need to stop panicking to take the steps necessary to defeat this virus. Creating an individual household plan of action can help curb the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus. 

People Who Feel Sick Should Remain at Home 

The good news is that healthy individuals are only showing mild cases of the disease. An elderly adult or those who have medical conditions are more at risk of complications from the outbreak. Most of the patients who have contracted the disease are showing minor flu-like symptoms. 
There is no need to worry about losing your job with the virus or showing common symptoms of the flu. Employers are very understanding about this virus that the medical community wants to keep under control. Recommendations include staying away from others in the public sector when you feel flu-like symptoms. This means no school for the children, no work for those who are sick, and remaining at home until the symptoms are over. 
If symptoms of a flu-like illness happen, the CDC recommends people call their doctor for recommendations on what to do. They would rather anyone infected stay away from medical facilities to slow down the rate of infections.  

Get Your Household Ready 

Many things can be done for preparing your home. All families should stock up now on plenty of medications and groceries to last for 7-10 days in case they develop the virus symptoms. Families will need these supplies in case they become infected. 
Forget about purchasing face masks. They can’t keep the virus from affecting you. The masks only help others from becoming infected by you. Hand sanitizers are effective only when they contain at least 60 percent alcohol. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water can be a deterrent for the virus. 
Stay informed about the latest updates on the epidemic from news-related sources. Avoid shaking hands with others in public. Try to stay away from people who have a cough or flu-like symptoms. Make sure you stay informed about any closings around your area. 
Making smart decisions about planning for the coronavirus can help keep your family safe. The worst thing you would have done is supplied your medicine cabinet for the medication you will need next year. 

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