We often become sick from a flue or are at the risk of hurting ourselves in the winter time from of all the hazards that surround us during the season. It is important to try to stay indoors most of the time to avoid catching a cold, but whenever it is time to step outside in the winter, you do not want to risk slipping and falling on the ice. Therefore, you should pour salt on the porch steps, as well as other places that people will be walking through, to stop the ice from freezing over into a slippery substance. 
Other injuries that could occur in the winter time are sporting accidents. For those who go skiing or snowboarding, they can easily run into a tree stump or fall sideways without being able to move their feet. You may want to ski on a slope that is less steep, but since it is always fun to risk the challenge by going on a deeper hill, it may be better to gradually work your way up to skiing more naturally on a smoother course. 
Some people prefer to go ice skating at a rink where it is always dangerous to fall and injure something. Before you do go out on the ice skating rink, you should start safely by skating near the edge of the rink and then to eventually work your way to the center once you are comfortable skating at a faster speed. Ice skating is a fun activity that most people enjoy, but not everybody is good at it. Those who are young and good at skating may want to try playing some ice hockey with friends on the street and, if they seem to play very well at it, should think about playing on a team someday, which might require you to risk a physical injury if you continue the sport.  
Outside of sports and recreational activities is the risk of becoming ill by being around others who are infected with a sickness, such as a flue or virus. That is why you should always cover your mouth when you cough and wash your hands more often, especially if you are about to eat. If you do manage to catch an illness, you should try to stay warm, eat the right foods, and drink the right liquids that carry enough vitamins in them, including orange juice and serials containing oats and wheat. Depending on where you work or what environment you’re at, you should always try to stay clean by staying away from contaminated materials, whether you work at a restaurant or a hospital. Since some employees have to take care of bacteria that builds up in certain areas, they should be cautious by wearing a mask or gloves to prevent catching a severe case of illness. 

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