We understand that there is a great deal of confusion associated with health and wellness. Unlimited varying opinions from nutritionists, doctors and other health experts can often cloud one’s judgement and learning capabilities. We have gone to some lengths to create a message that could be easily understood. With this in mind, we cover a wide variety of topics such as disease, nutrition, social issues, and weight loss to help you understand these concepts within the overall context of your personal health.



What you eat is probably the most important aspect of your health and wellness. Your nutrition is responsible for feeding the trillions of cells of your body in order that they may grow, reproduce and flourish as they were intended to do. When you fail to provide adequate nutrition, the body systems start to malfunction and breakdown.


Personal Growth

The world is constantly evolving. As things continue to change so must we if we desire to be on the winning side. The consistent and constant search for personal enhancement is the infrastructure of any successful person’s life. The largest room that you will ever be in is the room for improvement. It is not only your physical state of health that determines your level of health and wellness but it is your mental state as well.



The word disease has scared more people than the famed folklore character known as the “boogeyman.” Just mention this word in a conversation and look at the fear in the eyes of others around you. When you dissect the word disease you notice that it is simply a dis-ease within the body. In other words, the body is not at ease. In order to fix the situation you simply have to learn what it takes to help the body to become at ease again. Learning about diseases and what you can do to prevent and in many cases heal from them will prove to beneficial for anyone in the long run.



There is an adage that says “use it or lose it.” The human body is a perfect regenerating system that requires daily movements in order that it may function at optimal and efficient levels. Failure to exercise consistently leads to a lethargic body that is prone to attract sedentary-type degenerative diseases. When you exercise you perspire which is a form of cleaning toxins and releasing endorphins. Endorphins are known as the “happy chemicals” that are released during exercise or other activities. As a result the more active you are the better you feel. Working out helps you to strengthen and stretch certain body parts which essentially enhances your body’s proper mechanical function or an extended period of time.


Environmental Health

Clean air, clean water and plants are necessary for the survival of all life forms on earth. We have taken the liberty to provide what we feel to be important environmental information that can help improve the quality of your particular environment. Remember that you are a product of your environment. If that environment is contaminated then so shall you be. Be aware of your surroundings and do your best to do your part.


Weight Management

The United States is currently number one in the world in obesity. This epidemic has spiraled far beyond out-of-control. The issue now affects children. The result of this trickling effect is the contraction of adult diseases during their childhood years. Wherever there is excess weight gain you can be certain that there will be a health issue attached to that weight gain. Refined foods, fried foods and snacks are all primary contributors to weight gain. Eating the right foods and avoiding the “artificial foods” will be the key to combating this issue. Managing your weight does not require that you become a vegan, but you need to select foods from a group of known micronutrient rich foods. There are no magic bullets.


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