Summer. It is the holiday that every student looks forward to once they get into school in September. As parents, it is the period we always wait for, the opportunity to relax, enjoy new experiences, and have fun moments with the children.  

Most days in the summer are hot and sunny. Thus, most activities during the day include bike riding, skateboarding, and rollerblading. During the evenings, families enjoy backyard barbeques, swimming, relaxing on the beach, and spectacular fireworks display. Nevertheless, all these activities come with dangers. We ought to be mindful of these dangers to protect our dear ones. Below are some guidelines on how to do so and what to do in case of an accident. 

The rainy days and cold air of April and May are preceded by the hot and sunny days of summer. Crowds of people relish these hot days. The sun can, however, be disastrous to young children. It is likely most you have woken up with sunburn and warned yourself for not taking appropriate precautions. Avoiding the sun during the middle of the day is the best protection against sunburn. Staying in the shade, preferably an umbrella, will always help. 

Nevertheless, sunburn can still occur when there are clouds when harmful UV rays penetrate the clouds. Applying a suntan lotion SPF will prevent sunburn. Additionally, rash guards and hats can also be used, although they cannot replace suntan lotion. Children under six months should be kept away from direct sunlight. 

Biking and skateboarding also pose another risk. During summer days, children become riding fanatics. Fitting helmets should be used to protect the children’s heads irrespective of the distance they are riding. While rollerblading or skateboarding, elbow guards and knee guards are advised. Wearing the proper safety equipment will prevent fractures and head injuries during the summer. 

Everyone loves a freshly grilled hotdog. However, barbeques pose a high risk to children. Always ensure that small children are not in the vicinity of the barbeque. After cooking, use water or a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Additionally, carefully assemble the grills to keep them sturdy and avoid easily knocking them over. Metal bristles from brushes can be ingested and cause internal injuries. Thus, use other alternative methods of cleaning the grills.  

There is nothing more refreshing than watching your children having fun by the pool. However, never let your children swim unattended. Additionally, never let them out of sight while swimming. It takes a split of a second for an accident to occur. Thus, those responsible for watching over your children should not be distracted. Life jackets should be worn by children who cannot swim. Backyard pools should be fenced with more than 4-feet high fences and a locked doorway. 

Summer is the best time for children to have fun. Thus, as parents, we should not only let them enjoy the summer but also do it safely. 

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