Modern Health Care and the “New Hospital”

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Compared to the health services of yesterday, healthcare today is a lot more sophisticated and responsive. Part of this improvement has been technological advancements, but these contributions are often over-hyped. By comparison, the contributions of taking an integrated and holistic approach aren’t given their proper due. It’s not so much that people are unfamiliar with integrated health or holistic medicine, but rather it’s the way they’re portrayed and received by patients and health-conscious audiences. More than new-age buzzwords, these terms speak to wide-ranging improvements to treatment protocols that seek to integrate different approaches and therapies to the benefit of the patient and health outcomes.


At Modern Health Care, we like to say that the new hospital has no walls. Instead, it’s a community of services, providers, and information resources. Sure, you still need a suitable building to house various types of medical equipment and health supplies. Yes, you still need a highly trained and highly skilled staff of health professionals. But the thing is that, more and more, health providers are doing a better job of understanding how to design treatment programs that take into account an individual’s environment and behavior outside of the clinical arena. It’s this kind of integration and innovation that we seek to highlight at Modern Health Care.


And yet, even as we recognize how interconnected our health and health services truly are, we can’t talk about the stories and influences and connections all at once. So, we created a few different landscapes and organizing themes to help you explore these various connections and what they mean to your personal health.